Saddlespan Structures

Think outside the A Frame…

We have Australia’s largest range of Saddlespan Structures.

Our inventory includes:

  • One Saddlespan S5000 – 18.5m wide
  • Two Saddlespan S2000 – 12m wide
  • Two Saddlespan S1000 – 9m wide
  • Two Saddlespan S500 – 6m wide


Make a statement with these sleek and curvy stage covers. They are a stunning yet practical way to impress your audience.

The curved peak provides an excellent surface for lighting, and endless opportunities to be creative with your set design.

The shape of the structure allows for wide viewing angles, giving more of your audience the opportunity to see what’s happening on stage.

The rear end of the structure can be fully enclosed, to provide shelter and privacy to back of house.


No venue at your chosen location? No problem, we can create one for you.

Saddlespan Structures are reasonably quick to install and provide a spacious, open area for your function. The high ceiling and unique shape is just as impressive from the inside.

We can add lighting, fans and air conditioning to your structure. It can be fully of partially walled. Clear windows are also available.